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The audio files below can be listened to online, they will allow you to simply relax for a while, I suggest sitting comfortably on a cushion on the floor or lying down on your back, pressing play, closing your eyes and opening your ears.

To play the files simply press the little play triangle nearest to the tracks you’d like to listen to.

At this time the play buttons do not appear on mobile devices.

01 Progressive Muscle Relaxation 
This audio track really helps aid body stresses and tensions, use it regularly / daily for the greatest benefit.

02 Mindful  Standing and Walking 
As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia walking is something I do not do much of due to the lack of muscular strength and my lack of dexterity,
Mindful Standing and Walking provides people who struggle to walk a way to concentrate without stressing the mind so that you can enjoy the walking once again instead of worrying about falling or tripping.

03 Mindfulness of Breath 
Learn how to use the breath, to calm the mind and nerves.

04 Body Scan 
This enables one to scan the entire body with your mind, then release the tensions and stresses of the day, I have found this really works if you have completed the Progressive Muscle Relaxation before, preferably on the same day.

05 Peace and Joy with the Breath 
Forgiveness of ones self is often harder than forgiving others, we must always take the time to forgive ourselves.

06 Mindfulness of sound and thought 
This is fantastic whilst relaxing in a bath full of your favourite bubbly stuff, I prefer to listen with the lights in the bathroom off, this does mean I have to shout the wife to safely get out afterwards (Be carful) or use candles. The reason I prefer the darkness with this one is that you can use this deep relaxation to really enhance your audible sensory acuity whilst you attain a deep level of trance.

07 mindfulness of heart mind 
I often use this whilst sitting in a comfortable chair, this is great for letting go of troubles of body and mind and the stresses of the day.

08 Letting go of painful emotions 
This is one of my most used self-help audios, if it where a tape I would have worn it out, if it where a CD it would be warped, this is absolutely fantastic at helping one become free of mental turmoil.

These files where originally produced and recorded by.

Malcolm Huxter
B.A. Hons. (Psych.) M.Psych. (Clin.) M.A.P.S
Malcolm practices as a clinical psychologist who emphasises mindfulness based practices and is available for personal consultations, individualised assessment and therapy / counselling, conducting groups and workshops and professional training.

You can get access to info about Mal, his practice and other services he provides from this site. Free downloads in the form of academic articles, handouts and other related information are also available from this website.

Clinical psychology services available

Visit Malcolm Huxter’s (opens in a new window) website

Namaste, Malcolm Huxter you have given me so much inner strength.


Hello NLP!

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) defined.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) What do I need to get started?

The best thing about NLP is that is requires the simplest of tools and everybody has them.

Those tools are quite simply You, your mind and your senses.

Welcome to Ironic wisdom, I am a new-comer to NLP and am documenting my findings on this blog, I intend to list the resources I use to learn how to heal myself and others, I am also studying NLP and will document my journey.

This sites creation was during March 2012. Registered & Protected

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